October 2018

Corfu to Las Palmas, Canary islands

A very long and memorable journey is ahead of MAD MAX. As always, we wouldn’t want to just fly through the Med, we will stop in various beautiful places, contact us for more info!

April 2019

St. Lucia to Canary Islands/Azores

This is going to be a big one! Almost like doing the famous ARC – but on our own and the other way around! We do like to go without the crowds, if this is something for you, contact us soon!

Summer 2019

Canary Islands? Azores? Back to the Mediterranean?

There is always a decision-making in process. At the moment we just don’t know and we really like that feeling… We live on the edge, we keep our possibilities and mind open. Where we sail next also depends on you! Any suggestions? 🙂

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