May 2018

Rome to Corfu

We will take it nice and slow. There are too many precious islands going south around Italy. Ventotene, Procida, Capri, Stromboli, Lipari – to name the most important ones. Come and explore them with us!

October 2018

Corfu to Tenerife, Canary islands

A very long and memorable journey is ahead of MAD MAX. As always, we wouldn’t want to just fly through the Med, we will stop in various beautiful places, contact us for more info!

December 2018

Caribbean cruising

There is always a decision-making in process. Once we cross the Atlantic, we are definitely not going to skip the famous Caribbean and we want to check out as much as we can! Join us there!!

April 2019

Panama channel or Azores ....let's see if we go east or west 🙂

At the moment we just don’t know and we really like that feeling… We live on the edge, we keep our possibilities and mind open. Where we sail next also depends on you! Any suggestions? 🙂

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