Atlantic Crossing ARC 2019

The biggest sailing adventure

Ever wondered what it would be like to cross an ocean?

Everything is possible!

Guaranteed high emotions

3.000 nautical miles of sea, wind and ourselves. 200+ sailing boats leaving the port of Las Palmas for this epic journey of  the famous ARC. An unforgettable adventure to keep inside our heart forever and share around the bonfires with family and friends.

Minimum experience needed

With our professional skipper Marco on board you don’t need to worry about anything! It totally depends on you, if you would like to participate in active sailing or not, but it’s more fun if you do! Of course an occasional hand or being part of the team on watch is always welcome 😉

All inclusive

We offer an “All inclusive” option on board, with two professional and highly experienced skippers who are also both excellent cooks! They must be, they are Italian 😉 You are with us to enjoy and make the most of the trip of a lifetime, we will take care of you!

ARC 2019

Start – 24th of November 2019

ARC 2018 was sold out within a month, secure your spot quickly!

5 out of 7 places left

Departure from Las Palmas, Canary Islands

There is suddenly so much going on! You just arrived to the hub of World Cruisers, it is all happening here! Lots of parties, new friends, planning, courses to attend. The excitement is everywhere you look and you are finally spending your first night on MAD MAX…



3 weeks of  you and the elements

Winds are just right, the ocean spray is in your hair, the sun is high. Fresh fish for you every day. You are surrounded with likeminded people who will stay in your heart forever. Stargazing and deep conversations. Good book and solitude with some self-reflection. Did the time just stop for a while??

Arrival in St. Lucia, Carribean

We cannot believe it is over!!Last night on board of MAD MAX, maybe making plans to see new places with new friends for life. We are happy and sad at the same time, how could we not laugh and cry now? You are a Sailtraveller, we hope to see you soon again!

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